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June 18, 2013
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An Animaniacs Fanfiction.


Yakko Warner sat down at a desk. He was in the water tower, but, he was bored. Really bored. Wakko and Dot had both gone to see their “p-sychiatrist”, Doctor Scratchansniff. But Yakko was told to sit this one out. He had been a bit disappointed, since he and his two siblings did almost everything together. And Yakko also made a fun habit out of annoying the doctor. Or, “Scratchy”, as the Warners took to calling him.

Yakko had first sat on the couch and played with his paddleball. But, after a while, he became tired of it. He had turned on the TV just in time to catch one of his favorite game shows, Wheel of Misfortune. But the misfortune for Yakko was that the signal had been cut off, due to a thunderstorm in Burbank.

Presently, Yakko glanced at the wall. A picture of Wakko, Dot, and himself hung in the spot where he stared. A smile crossed his face, and he sat there admiring the picture.

Yakko sat in the middle of the picture, winking. Wakko, tongue and all, was seen hugging his older brother from behind, something he almost never did unless it was for a very good reason. Dot sat on Yakko’s lap, looking up at him with a big grin on her face.

“Sibs…” Yakko sighed, thinking of how much he loved his brother and sister. They’d been together since the thirties, and had almost never been apart. They’d been through thick and thin. Annoyed people, been all around the world, flirted with attractive people, and a lot more! The eldest sibling closed his eyes for a moment and thought. After the moment was up, he opened them.

“I know!” he said, smiling. He had just thought of a way to pass the time. He grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil, putting the paper down on the desk.

Yakko grinned and began to write.

“Dear Wakko and Dot,

Hey, it’s Yakko. I’d never thought I’d do this, but I’m doing it. And not just because I’m bored, but it’s because I think you two need to hear this. I know I’ve said it before and all, but I love you guys. Without you, I’d be one crummy…wait, what are we? Sometimes I confuse myself. Heh.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you that you’re the best sibs anyone could ever hope to have. You’re the ketchup to the potato! Or am I the only one who thinks they go together greatly? I guess so. But, really, you two mean the world to me. And I love you both.

Wakko, you’ve got that zany spunk that’s always so mind-boggling! But you know what truly matters, and I’m proud of you for that. You’re always so spirited and silly. And I’m proud of you for having the grossest burp from here to New Zealand. You’re really easy to love, y’know? And, though you don’t wanna admit it, you’re really a great sibling to have.

And Dot, you’ve got the temper of Chuck Norris in a light bulb commercial, but you’re awfully cute, sister-sibling. Every starlet in Hollywood combined can’t top your amount of brain-melting, heart-wrenching cuteness. Did I say that wrong? Well, let me put it this way: You’re my favorite girl in the world, Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third. I love you for that.

You two have always been my inspirations, you know? I just wouldn’t be funny without you! I couldn’t imagine if I was alone. My comedy would flat-out stink…Well, sure, it’d be… great, but it just wouldn’t be the same. You’re the best friends I could ever have. Don’t you ever think otherwise.

Love you both,


Yakko set the pencil down and looked up at the picture of him and his siblings on the wall. Inhaling, he re-read his letter again, and smiled. Both of his siblings meant the world to him, and he was glad he decided to do this. But, it was really more of a vent to himself, he didn’t intend for Wakko or Dot to really read it. They’d probably think it was just mush. They weren’t really used to sentimental things.

So, Yakko crumbled it up and threw it across the room. He didn’t take a second glance, but the paper had missed the trash can completely and landed on the floor next to it. The trash can was located next to the ladder that was connected to the Warners’ triple bunk bed. Yakko on the bottom, Dot on the middle, and Wakko on top. The paper had landed right in front of the ladder. But, Yakko didn’t notice, he was kind of out of it.

Realizing he was tired, he glanced over at a cuckoo clock. The time read five PM; Wakko and Dot wouldn’t be back until six. Plenty of time for a nap. Yakko got up and walked over to the couch, lying down on its soft, red pillows. He was soon fast asleep.

*One Hour Later*

Dot and Wakko swung open the door to the water tower and leaped inside. Yakko, who was still sound asleep, didn’t even stir at the sound of his sibs coming home. Wakko and Dot looked at their sleeping brother on the couch; and then glanced at each other.

“Think we should wake him up?” asked Dot. “He looks out cold…”

Wakko looked at Yakko and shook his head. “Nah,” he said. “Let’s make cookies.” He then made his way over to the bunk bed.

Dot raised her (seemingly non-existent) eyebrows. “Ok, but why are you going over there? The kitchen is that way.” She pointed to the left.

“I know that, I’ve just gotta get my mallet! It’s on my bed.”

“Why do you need your mallet for making cookies?”

“Well, how else do you crack eggs?” Wakko said, looking back at his sister. She rolled her eyes and headed for the kitchen. A few moments later, Wakko called her back.

“Hey, wait a minute, Dot!” at this, the youngest Warner stopped in her tracks, groaned, and looked back at Wakko.

“I thought you wanted to make cookies! How capricious can someone get?” sighing, Dot ran over to Wakko, who was standing in front of his bed, staring at the floor.

“What?” asked Dot, looking over his shoulder. She saw what looked like a piece of paper, but it was crumpled up.

Wakko bent over to pick it up, and sat on Yakko’s bed to read it. Dot sat next to Wakko and read the letter to herself. At Wakko’s part in the letter, he WOULD HAVE smiled with pride. And at Dot’s part, she NORMALLY ran her hand through the fur on the top of her head, and said,

“I am cute, aren’t I?”

But both of them kept a solid poker face through the letter. Precisely when Wakko and Dot had finished reading, they heard a small moan from across the room. Both of them looked up to see Yakko sit up on the couch, and rub his eyes.

Dot looked at Wakko, and Wakko looked at Dot. Both of them smiled warm smiles.

“Ya think?” whispered Dot to her brother.

“I think,” answered Wakko, beaming.

The both of them stood up, Wakko holding the letter, and ran over to Yakko. They crashed into him. Yakko, who flailed his arms and fell on the ground with an “Oomph!”, scrunched up his nose at his siblings’ antics.

Dot and Wakko snuggled close to their brother, and both of them wagged their long, black tails rapidly.

“Hey!” said Yakko, sitting up. Dot and Wakko still hugged him tightly, not loosening their grip even a little bit.

“What was that for?” He frowned at his siblings. “Geez, was your appointment with Scratchy really all that bad?”

Dot and Wakko looked into Yakko’s eyes simultaneously, and Yakko’s heart melted. He knew that wasn’t the case, since their eyes looked so… adoring.

“We…” Wakko started, holding up Yakko’s wrinkled letter. “We found this…”

Yakko, who had completely forgotten about the letter he had written, softened. He smiled at Wakko, and then looked at Dot.

“Did ya read it?” he asked.

Dot and Wakko both nodded, but Dot was the one who answered. “Yes,” she said, “And…and…” she blinked rapidly and buried her face in Yakko’s fur, snuggling even closer to him. She never finished her sentence, but Wakko did for her.

“We love you too, Yakko…” he smiled. “You’re the best brother ever!” he copied Dot, and snuggled into Yakko’s fur.

Dot looked up into the eyes of her oldest brother, who smiled back down at her. The only time they’d ever hugged like this was when Dot had almost “died”, but had completely faked the whole act. She had always made fun of Yakko afterwards for thinking she was really dead, even though he had said after she popped back to life,

“Wow, those acting lessons really paid off!”

Yakko seemed to read Dot’s thoughts, and nuzzled her. “Ok, I admit it.” He said rubbing his bright red nose against his little sister’s, making her giggle. “I did sort of…fall for your little act.”

Dot’s eyes widened. “How’d you know that’s what I was thinking about?” she asked, frowning in bamboozlement.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah, call it intuition.” Said Yakko with a smirk.

Dot giggled once again and closed her eyes, smiling. Yakko nuzzled her again, and the Warner Sister seemed to sigh with happiness. Yakko closed his eyes and kissed her forehead. Then he looked to Wakko, who looked rather jealous.

“What, middle kid syndrome botherin’ ya?” Yakko teased. Wakko crossed his arms and lowered his eyebrows at Yakko.

“No,” he said, hiding a hint of a smile. His tongue stuck out of his mouth, making Yakko chuckle.

“Don’t play that game with me, Wakko…” said Yakko, pulling him in closer. “I read you like I read a book...”

Wakko smirked. “Like you read Michelle Pfeiffer’s autobiography?”

Yakko snickered, “No, because she isn’t as great as you are, Wakko… Right now, anyway. But, sometimes I can’t make up my mind.” he smirked, making Wakko roll his eyes and look away from Yakko.

“Hey,” said Yakko, pulling Wakko close. “I was only kidding.” He smiled and nuzzled his brother, making Wakko blush in embarrassment. He normally would have protested Yakko’s affection, but this time, he decided not to. He looked up at Yakko, and, reaching his hand up, beeped Yakko’s nose.

“Boop.” He said with a toothy grin. Yakko snickered.

“Do you REALLY wanna go there?” he smirked at Wakko, who flinched in return.

“Don’t do it…”

Yakko cackled and began tickling Wakko’s belly. “Too late!”

Wakko laughed so much and so hard tears formed in his eyes, he tried to push Yakko away, but Yakko was too strong for him. Yakko kept tickling his younger brother, and began to laugh along with him. Dot, who had felt quite ignored for the past few moments, said nothing. She crossed her arms and waited for the boys to notice her. She always commanded to be the absolute center of attention.

Just when Wakko could take no more, Yakko stopped tickling him. Both of them continued laughing for a few minutes, with tears in their eyes. But, Dot cleared her throat after a while.

“What?” asked the two brothers at the same moment.

Dot scrunched up her nose and said in her cutest voice, “You compwetewy weft me out.” And this resulted in Yakko pulling her ever closer into his black, cozy fur. Dot looked rather satisfied as Yakko whispered into her ear,

“As you command, sister-sibling.” And “Dottie” grinned.

“And you,” said Yakko, grinning and turning to Wakko. “I’m not leaving you out…” he did what he had just done to Dot, and pulled his little brother closer. Wakko laughed his signature laugh, and looked up at Yakko.

“I love you guys; you know that?” said the eldest brother, snuggling his siblings. Wakko and Dot both nodded. And the Warner Sister wrapped her arms around Yakko’s neck, hugging him.

“Yakko,” she begun. “We--”

“We love you, too.” Finished Wakko, sticking his tongue out and hugging Yakko just like Dot had done.

Hugging his two siblings, his two reasons for being the comedy master he was, Yakko grinned and closed his eyes. He pondered those words for a moment, before whispering into the ears of his siblings,

“What in the world are we doing?”

“Being mushy.”

“Ooh, that’s bad. Stupid author. Why’d she write us like this? She oughta be sued.”

“Faboo! Then we should sue--”

“Nah, why don’t we just go annoy somebody?”

“Ok! Let’s go!”

And the Warners darted for the door, knowing, deep down inside that they loved each other.

Even if love can be a little gross at times.

The End.
Well, took a day to plan out, and two days to write. I'm rather proud of this one. It's my first fanfiction revolving around my favorite characters in the show; The Warners.

And who doesn't love mostly funny characters showing a caring side? I know I do!

I hope you guys like this! And, I'm not too good at pop-culture refs, but I did manage to remember Yakko's undying love for Michelle Pfeiffer. Lol, and I also remembered Pinky (as in the mouse, Pinky), mentioning "Wheel of Misfortune", as opposed to the game show, "Wheel of Fortune".

Welp, that's about it! Hope you all enjoyed it!
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