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This is my gallery.:icongrinstareplz:
Most of the stuff in here is cartoon related so view at your own risk~!

Here's some stamps!!

My Beliefs and Jazz~
Tolerating homosexuals - stamp by Angi-Shy Definition of Marriage Stamp by PsalmSeven Christian Stamp by DarkFaerieNyroc13 Stamp-I'd Rather Be Hated by Jazzy-C-Oaks Why? stamp by aftersunsets Online friends stamp by Suyy True friends stamp by Suyy My Little Pony FiM Virus Stamp by Toxic-Mario Draw Because You Want To Stamp by Toxic-Mario Anti Abortion Stamp by spades-ryou Guy-Friends Stamp by Tri-Jean I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Think before you type stamp by andaria What is an Artist? by Neikoish Tree Hugger by Lozza-Leonhart Global warming stamp by kimy-kissHabitat Conservation Stamp by PixieSabrePro-Otaku, Anti-Weeaboo by linawifeofL

Things I Love and Love Doing:
Support reading stamp by DeviantSith Writing is my Passion by Dreameryuki I'm dreaming of snow... by PixieRiot So Be It - Stamp by Stamp-Abuse Stamp: I love Blue Eyes by Stamp-Abuse Anime Stamp by PixieDust01 I luv emotes by nirman I Love Anime+Cartoons Stamp by Prodigies Cartoons stamp by silverette666 90's cartoons Stamp by JunkernoughtRising colors - stamp by JWiesner Love Music Stamp by Shinji-Sama I love music Stamp by Creativeness Cute things Stamp by Creativeness Stamp I Love ART 00401 by ArtMessenger-J 10k-The Fan Stamp by BusirisQUOTESQUOTESQUOTESQUOTES by endlerI love comments by Sedma

The Land Before Time Stamp by Kegawa Tom and Jerry stamp - commish by rainbeos Clifford the Big Red Dog Stamp by Yahuli Zoboomafoo Stamp by dragon77123 Barbie Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art Sagwa Miao Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 GameBoy: Stamp by JazzaX older generation love by bearnapping Batman Lighting Stamp by DaRk-Stamps Powerpuff Girls Animated Stamp by dA--bogeymanCyberchase Stamp by Mikey186MASH Stamp by KenxKao

My OTPs (One True Pairings):
DiscoPie Stamp by WinxFloraClub[Pixel Art Stamp] Rita + Runt by Black-Bolt-Ponieskiku x wanwan stamp by crazysistahsBabs and Buster Stamp by Tiny-Toons-FanSkilene ~ Stamp by RIOPerlaRusinka stamp by migueruchanMaka x Soul stamp by SuperpluplushPokeShipping stamp by SA948-StampsBeast Boy and Terra by Marlenesstamps

Crowd of kids: To be continued, maybe!
(ewe Hetalia reference~)

P.S.: The cartoon art in my gallery belongs to it's rightful owner(s)!! MLP belongs to Hasbro/Lauren Faust, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons and Pinky and the Brain belong to Warner Brothers and Steven Speilberg, Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz, and everything else belongs to whoever invented it.
Enjoy my gallery, liebes!:D

Languages I know:
English (DUH), a lot of French, some German, some Italian, a fair amount of Japanese, no Polish/Dutch/Scandanavian, very little Russian and Chinese, and a tiny bit of Hawaiian.
Also, I made up my own word...what do you get when you cross a human being, a deer, a cow, and a sheep?
A "humadeeroweep" OuO here come the heffalumps
That is all =v=


This is the place where the awesome art goes! These are my favorite pictures amongst all dA has to offer! Enjoy my collection!:D
Here are some special people:

:heart: My dA Family :heart:

Please go watch them too~ I wouldn't be who I am now if it weren't for them.:glomp:

Oh and btw, peoples:
My Other Online Accounts~
My shippings...otps and notps!
If you think you know me in and out...try this and see if your deduction is correct XD
Gifts really lovely people have given me~
My original characters!
Favorite Pokemon:
Top Three Legendaries:
(My favorite types are fire and ghost! Believe me when I say I'm absolutely addicted to Pokemon :la:)



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Feel free to donate, if you want to. ^^ I wanna get a premium membership for either me or one of my friends...

If you want commission prices and all that jazz, just note me!:D

Also; if you'd like to be featured here, it costs ten points per month! When you donate, be sure to tell me to feature you here, mmkay?

Featured list:
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hi, everybody! Name’s Bridget! But you can call me Bre. C: It’s just a nickname I’ve had for such a long time, so I’ve always been used to being called Bre on the interwebs and all. But you can call me Bridget if you’d like, no biggie! What’s in a name, after all?;P

First of all, I’m an artist! I may not be THAT spectacular at drawing, but I love doing it and it’s fun to me—especially traditional art. I’m also a writer! Writing is my main passion, actually, aside from drawing, because when I get older I’d like to write movie scripts for a living.:meow: It sounds like so much fun...I mostly write fanfiction—pertaining to my favorite fandoms, of course, but I tend to do one fanfic at a time so I don’t get TOO busy. I sort of am a busy person, being in seventh grade and...hating math at the level I do.:XD: But anything to do with words? You have my full attention.:la:
I am a tomboy...and that means that I’m not your stereotypical fashion-loving-pink-adoring-boy-fangirling kind of girl. I like the colors yellow and blue, but I also like pink though! The bright one, not the so-soft-your-eyes-burn pink.
I’m a New Yorker~! I live in the Adirondacks; about 20 miles from the Canadian border. And yes, I go to Canada sometimes, mostly to Montréal to go places around there, and sometimes on vacations.:)

Yeah, I’m totally an inside kind of person, but the outside is fine too I guess...but I LOVE cold temperatures; if it’s above 50 or 60 degrees I’m not usually a happy camper. Heck, I even have a fan in my room in the winter time because my parents make me sleep with a dumb electric blanket.:lol: Uh, if you were wondering, yes, I am a Christian and not afraid to admit it! I’m not really “homophobic”, but I don’t like the whole idea of same-sex couples...sorry, I just don’t.^^; I like straight/hetero relationships only. So, don’t try to kick your opinion about that in my face because I hate people who do that. >.< But if you approve of it? Hey, that’s fine! We can be friends! I don’t judge people by their beliefs, and I promise I’ll never be really forceful with mine. It’s just the way I think. C:
WOAH ALSO DID I SAY I’M SORT OF A PERV? NO? Then okay, I am a perv~ Also, I am a bit crazy. owo I love acting silly and really random and whatnot. xD

Love struck | Hyper | Excited | Cheerful | Happy | Calm | Hostile | Pissed | Angry | Upset | Mixed Emotions | Neutral | Sleepy | Nostalgic | Uncomfortable | Confused | Sad | Distraught | Insecure | Crying | Jumpy | Anxious | Frightened | Deathly afraid | Content | Shy | Anti-social | Lonely | Bewildered | Pained | Hurt | Overwhelmed | Emotional | Friendly | Energetic | Peaceful | Cocky | Blood Thirsty | Devious | Sexual | Lazy | Way Too Innocent... | Faking Friendliness

Pregnant | Perfectly healthy | Healthy | Okay | So-So | Sick | Throwing up | Stabbed | Hurt | Injured | Recovering | Critically Wounded | Mortally Wounded | Hospitalized | Dead | Ghost

====:bulletyellow:Mental status:bulletyellow:====
| Perfectly Fine | Fine | Getting Better | Getting Worse | Passable | Depression | Uncontrollable Bouts Of Rage | Extremely Bi-Polar | Manic | Losing It | Lost It | Batshit Insane | Psychotic | Seeing Things | Intense Paranoia | Moderate Paranoia | Delusional | Lost Touch With Reality | Amnesia | Re-living Traumatic Event

...Ehh, I know my relationship status is technically “single” and all...but...yeah, you’ll hear of a person having a cartoon crush so often, but mine is so deep that I don’t even want a relationship in my real life. At the moment (and probably for a VERY, VERY long time) I’m crushing majorly on Germany from Hetalia...and I love the guy so much it’s insane. So, while my relationship status is technically “single”, I’m actually not looking for a relationship. And I probably will not anytime soon.

:heart:My Best Friends:heart:
Is it in order, or is it not? That’s for me to know and you to find out. eue


:)Likes: Making new friends, cartoons, books, food, funny/random words, drawing, writing, listening to music (whether it be in English or not!), chatting/roleplaying with friends, sweets, animals, creepypasta, cookies, and reading.

:(Dislikes: Soap operas, having less than three feedback messages in my inbox, pasta, jelly beans, bullies/trolls/mean people, slow internet service, and being sick/tired/hungry.

I LOVE cartoons! Here are my favorite ones in order:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pinky and the Brain
The Penguins of Madagascar
Littlest Pet Shop
Tiny Toon Adventures
Soul Eater
Pound Puppies (the new one ewe)
Teen Titans
And last but not least, Pokémon!

MLP FiM - Stamp by RHCP-CreamSupport Warner siblings stamp by Angi-ShyPinky n Brain Pondering Stamp by RavenGaleSpencerHetalia animation stamp by Naru-NisaTiny Toons Stamp by Tiny-Toons-FanPenguins of Madagascar Fan by Stamps-By-MephieOriginal Pokemon FTW Stamp by DbzbabeLittlest Pet Shop (2012) by Zero-JanitorSOUL     EATER by 80avatarfan80Teen Titans stamp by xselfdestructive

My Ask Accounts (I don't go on them much but still, feel free to ask something or rp with me!):

Here are some quizzes to describe me:

My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
Hosted By
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Soul Eater Character Are You?
What Soul Eater Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By Anime

You Scored as Yakko Warner!

Congratulations, your soulmate is Yakko, the taller and more verbally-minded of the Warner Brothers. Talkative as heck, Yakko fully understands that words are an extremely powerful weapon, capable of achieving everything from warding off a deserving adversary through endless bombardment, to making a simple geography lesson delightful and fun!

Which Animaniacs Character are You?

You Scored As...Pinky!

You are...unique to say the least. Though the events around you often seem complex,
even convoluted, you tend to drift off into your own world. It's nicer there. People tend to think you're joking, even when you think you're being serious. Though, seriousness is taxing for you. You'd rather play all the time than do boring work of any type, and perhaps that's why insane dribble tends to issue forth from your mouth.

What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
Hosted By Anime
How Mature Do You Think?
How Mature Do You Think?
Hosted By Anime
What Vocaloid Are You?
What Vocaloid Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Babs Bunny by kel20
Barbara Anne Bunny loves to be the star of the show! She also hates to be called Barbara Anne Bunny, so she usually goes by her stage name 'Babs'. A whirlwind of activity, Babs has the biggest and widest repertoire this side of Wackyland! She is the ultimate non-stop performer and goes to such extremes, that she can sometimes find herself stuck in an impersonation, unable to break free. A helping hand from her best pal, Buster Bunny (no relation) usually does the trick, and she lives to perform another routine. After all, Babs' fave saying is 'The show must go on!' and with Babs around, the show never stops!
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Welcome to the Teen Titans Project! I am so happy you decided to join us. To better help you navigate your group; here are some links for you:


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If you have any questions or want to help out, just ask. I'll be happy to help.  =)

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